IAAS Indonesia realize that today’s youth interest especially in agriculture is off. Over the past 24 years IAAS Indonesia and IAAS Local Committee spread accross cities in Indonesia continues to contribute in matters of agriculture, self-development and empowerment of local communities through varieties of IAAS programs. Make agriculture interesting and become a potential in the eyes of the youths and Indonesia’s generation has been the mission of IAAS Indonesia.

A breakthrough initiated by IAAS Indonesia in order to carry the mission of rebranding Agriculture in Indonesia for youths with the theme of “Bringing The Agriculture To The New Sexy.” IAAS Summit involves all parties, namely the Ministry, Companies, Organizations, Communities and Students to contribute together and build Indonesian Agriculture.

  • Date: Saturday, 22nd October 2016
  • Place: @america, Pasific Place Mall, 3rd Floor, Central Jakarta
  • Time: 13.00 s.d. 20.00 WIB

We’re inviting 250 role models of Indonesia.

Government of Indonesia, Company, NGO, Community, and Student


Keynote Speech

  1. Menteri Pertanian Republik Indonesia
  2. Representative Founder IAAS Indonesia
  3. Menteri Pemuda dan Olahraga Indonesia

Agritalk IAAS Summit

Consist of two session :

  1. Youth AgriPreuner
    Theme : Having potential job in agriculture
    Speakers :

    1. Direktur PT. Pupuk Indonesia
    2. Kukuh Roxa Putra Hadriyono (owner Pandawa Putra Indonesia)
    3. Fadli A. (Businessman in Agriculture/VokalisPadi)
    4. Theresia Deka Putri (Miliyarder Kopi Indonesia)
  2. Youth Development in Agriculture (changeable)
    Theme : Creating the next contributor for Indonesia’s Agriculture
    Speakers :

    1. Farming First Indonesia
    2. National Director IAAS Indonesia
    3. SNV Indonesia
    4. Global Ambassador (GA) Thought For Food Representative Indonesia
    5. OXFAM Indonesia

IAAS Launching

Presents IAAS Indonesia contributions in the last 24 years in Youth Development in Agriculture, Exchage Programs and Rural Community Empowerment.

IAAS Partnership Awarding

In order to develop a long-lasting partnership, IAAS Indonesia is willing to give appreciation and award for our parers and sponsors which have been working with us and giving us support along the 24 years of IAAS Indonesia.

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