Universitas Indonesia proudly presents our 2nd INTERNATIONAL EVENT that represents our concern about the importance of nutritional aspect on human development to achieve a better future.

2nd International Seminar on Nutrition 2017: “Obesogenic Environment : The Driving Force Behind Obesity Pandemic”.

Keynote Speakers:

  • dr. Anung Sugihantono, M. Kes, Directorate General of Public Health Republic of Indonesia: ÔÇťObesity on the Rise: The Challenges of Obesogenic Environment for Indonesia”.
  • dr. Jihane Tawilah, WHO Representative for Indonesia: “WHO Recommendation Policy on Obesity”.


  • dr. Safarina G Malik, DVM., MS., PhD (Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology): “Nutrigenomic and Obesogenic Environment”
  • dr. Rani Sarmugam, M.Sc., PhD (Singapore): “Nudging Healthier Food Choice”
  • dr. Khor Geok Lin, PhD (Emeritus Professor, Universiti Putra Malaysia): “Obesogenic Environments: Exploring the Built and Food Environments”
  • dr. Rina Agustina, M.Sc., PhD (SEAMEO RECFON, and Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia): “Gut Microbiota and Obesity Onset”.


SMA/D3/S1: Rp 235.000
S2/S3/UMUM: Rp 300.000


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